PC points calculator

Easily calculate how many PC points you can earn.

Jun 30, 2018 Tweet Share

How PC Points Work

This is a simple PC Point calculator to help make it easier for you to calculate your savings. Below are some notes on how PC points work.

  • The current standard rate of PC points earned per dollar spent at participating stores is 15 points.
  • 1000 Points is equivalent to $1. For example, if you have 50000 points, that translates to $50.
  • You may only redeem PC points in amounts of $10. For example, if you go to buy $25 worth of groceries, you will have to still pay $5 out of pocket no matter how many points you have.
  • If a store has a special promotion say for 20x the amount of PC points, then multiply the standard rate by 20.



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